Bring your picnic blankets and baskets!

Bring your picnic blankets and baskets!

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We’ll meet you down by the New River!

3pm today at Ingles Castle – our ONLY Saturday show left for “The Winter’s Tale”!

Come for some bawdy laughs, beautiful views and a great location where you can lounge and snack as you watch the show.

Seriously, don’t forget chairs and blankets to sit out on the lawn and watch the performance!

Don’t be scared!

Don't be scared!

It’s just the LAST WEEKEND of “The Winter’s Tale”!

Don’t forget, if you want to see this dramatic, bawdy show, you only have THREE more chances!

We have perfect weather planned for Saturday, April 12th, so pull up a seat next to the New River in Radford and come out to Ingles Castle! There is plenty of wide-open space to play and park, and it may be a bit hard to find at first, but it is totally worth it!

We’ll see you this Saturday at 3pm! Stick around after if you want to get some pictures and talk to the cast!

Also we have some blankets for lending, and one you can even win in a raffle, but this is the show you’ll want to bring a picnic/picnic blanket to! ;)

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April 11th, 7pm @ 130 Jackson

April12th, 7pm @ 130 Jackson

Come see “Shakespeare’s Star Wars“! (Suggested Donation: $12)

This is our only fundraising show that will help us make money to fund the technical and touring elements of our summer show “Midsummer Night’s Dream” – and we really need your support for this one-night-only fundraising extravaganza! This is a great opportunity if you have already seen “Winter’s Tale” but can’t wait to see “Midsummer” we’ve got something a little different to quench your theatre thirst!

Featuring Kayla Smith, Glen Williams and Gabrielle Laskey from “The Winter’s Tale” voicing and acting for 20+ characters in the “Star Wars” universe.

This is like our version of “Rocky Horror” – a little silly, inexpensive, bit of fun, with lots of opportunity for audience dress-up and participation!

So, yell “Boo!” when you hear Darth Vader! Dress up like your favorite Jedi or droid! Come for fun and fundraising and get to hear a great book in the process. :)

We’ll see you there!